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Not always a person works for academics. There are times when he spends his time creating some things for himself or for friends and family, that end up holding a special place in his life.

Being a single child, I have had a lot of alone time. I was a curious one, who was not good at doing nothing and ended up either making or breaking things. Here are some of my works which I did in my time.


''Netflix and Chill'' - Mr.Brain's guilty pleasure

(I am sure NETFLIX has a tigh-up with eye doctors.)


Minimal Vector portrait with hard edges and limited colors.


Portrait for a friend

Nothing is better than giving away hand-made/hand-crafted gifts.

10cm x 6cm Copper Bicycle

Sitting idle wondering what to do, I noticed a rim of copper wire. I started to unwind it and started rapping it around a pen refill. On making the two ends meet, it looked like a tire. An idea popped in and I ended up making a bicycle out of it.


I gifted the final product to a friend, who is the most bicycle passionate person i knew.

Moments like these are the ones we cherrish for our lifetime.

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